6 ways to use your conservatory

6 Ways To Use Your Conservatory

How do you use your conservatory

A conservatory has a lot of potential when it comes to utilizing that extra space. An afternoon in a conservatory can be enjoyed however, there are several options to use that space to benefit your leisure and lifestyle.

Typically, within households, conservatories act as a light eating and relaxing space possibly with comfortable chairs and indoor plants and flowers for a natural touch to compliment the house.

Here are some suggestions of how you can use your conservatory:

A Dining Room:

You can turn your conservatory space into a dining room. By adding a table and chairs, you will have a lovely garden backdrop for an atmospheric dinner. Fill the room with colour and your conservatory will light up your house, perfect for bringing friends over and enjoying food in a bright space overlooking the garden.

Children’s Play Room:

Turn your conservatory into a children’s play room for an exclusive room for children’s entertainment. Perfect for parents to keep an eye on their children when they are playing in the newly found space. The neighboring garden can keep your children distracted and busy whilst you can enjoy a bit of peace. With the colourful nature of children’s toys and objects the conservatory and its contents with brighten up your home with colour.

Games Room:

Everybody loves a games room; it’s a place of fun and positive energy. Whether it’s a snooker table, darts board with a TV and some recliner chairs for more of the adults’ interest or with a game console and the latest game releases for your teenage children and their friends to enjoy. The conservatory acts as a nice private section of the house where you can be separated so you can enjoy time with your friends, family or even on your own.


A conservatory is a great substitute for an office if you don’t have a spare room for a desk and a computer. With close access to your kitchen you can work and grab a quick coffee or tea and carry on with your office needs, with the larger amount of light entering your conservatory compared to a shady and dull office. Plus, you can customize your desk and office space however you like!

Tea Room:

Although similar to a dining room, the tea room is less confined with dining furniture and a tea room would swap the furniture with a couple easy chairs and a coffee table to put your tea and biscuits on. A tea room has great social opportunities; you can have friends over and show off your garden from your new room of leisure.

Indoor Garden:

An indoor garden would be a floral addition to your home without the need to litter your living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom with plant pots. An indoor garden would bring colour to your house whilst also filling the natural needs of plants through the surrounding glass.

If you are unable to use your conservatory throughout the year and you are hesitant to change your conservatory into one of the rooms, contact us on 01604 532700 or click here to complete our short contact form, to find out how you can change your conservatory to be able to use it all year round, with a solid conservatory roof