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Breaking Down Tiled Roof’s Everlasting Popularity in The UK

Breaking Down Tiled Roof’s Everlasting Popularity in The UK

There are some people that believe that all a solid tiled roof has to offer is a first-class aesthetic – this could not be further from the truth. Whilst this is certainly a major part of the overall appeal, there are various factors which earmarks it as a fantastic type of roof design. Here at Nu Look, we have had the opportunity to conduct numerous home improvement projects, and have fitted countless tiled conservatory roofs. This experience means that we are more-than-capable to offer a breakdown of the reasons that you should consider this as a viable option.


Strong Base Material


You will be hard-pressed to source an alternative roofing material that exhibits the same level of strength and durability that is present in tiled conservatory roofs. The tiles that are often found adorning modern properties are built to last – long after initial installation, they will still be standing tall. You won’t need to worry about conducting repairs, or retouching problem areas, as there won’t be anything wrong. You can also be sure that they will be able to withstand the vicious weather that is present here in the UK. 


Repels Natural Entities


As mentioned above, you won’t need to spare a thought about the effect that the climate will have on your roof. However, there is more to tiled roofing solutions than this – case-and-point, rotting, that is almost certain to occur at wooden properties, will never factor into your home. Similarly, insects and other animals will not set up their homes within your roof, and this can add to the longevity which the tiled roof has become synonymous with.


Vast Range Of Designs


Stylistic preferences vary from person-to-person; some may be under the impression that glass conservatory roofs have the edge, whilst others believe that the roof for a conservatory should be more traditional. Whichever way you lean towards, you should be an appreciator of variation of designs, and this is where tiled roofs come into their own. In times gone by, you would have only been able to choose between slate or clay. With the advancement of technology, you now have the chance to select from such materials as wooden slabs and pebble-dashed tiles.


Lack Of Maintenance


Although most homeowners accept the fact that the initial investment for a conservatory roof can be relatively high, few take into account the costs which are involved in upkeep and maintenance. Were you to have an overwhelming usage of glass, you can expect to have to solicit the services of a cleaner on a regular basis. This type of problem is not present when tiles are utilised. Once these are installed, all that will happen is the sun will give them a slightly weathered look.


How Can We Be Of Assistance?


Have you spent numerous hours scouring the Internet, attempting to research a tiled conservatory roof cost, but have found that each quote is out of your price range? Do you wish that your existing conservatory had a better roof, and want to enlist the help of a professional firm to make this a reality? 


When it comes to finding a company which ticks both of these boxes, only one name should spring to mind, and that is Nu Look. Our average prices are considerably lower than those of our competitors, but this does not impact the overall quality of our work. We adhere to all building regulations, and ensure that you are happy with the finished article. If you need more information about our ability to replace the roof of existing units, or learn about the roof panels that we utilise, you can direct your queries to us via the form on the contact page of our website.