Dispelling Myths About Popular Conservatory Roof SolutionsDispelling Myths About Popular Conservatory Roof Solutions

Dispelling Myths About Popular Conservatory Roof Solutions



Over the past few years, the market for conservatories has seen a huge surge in popularity – these are not only excellent when it comes to improving the overall value of a property, but from a practical perspective they are unmatched. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths and rumours which are circulating about these units, which paint them in a negative light. This is particularly true about the roofing systems. Courtesy of the Nu Look specialists, we have sought to clear up some of these matters in the list below.


‘Solid Roofs Eliminate Natural Light Filtration’


Arguably one of the most widely-circulated rumours, in regards to the conservatory roof options that can be chosen from, is that if you opt for a solid roof system, you subsequently destroy the chances of being able to enjoy an abundance of natural light. Thankfully, this could not be further from the truth. If you have already invested in large bay windows, you do not necessarily need to have a glass roof. It is also worth mentioning that you will have a lot of maintenance work to do if you decide to have them both.   


‘There Is Only One Valid Option’



There are some toxic members of this community that advocate that simply because they have invested in a particular material for their roof, this means that everyone should follow in their footsteps. In truth, your decision should be made depending on your particular stylistic preferences. Case-and-point, if you live within a period property, it may be worthwhile using slate, due to the rustic appearance. Alternatively, should you be trying to maintain the modern visuals of your new-build, uPVC might be a better option. 


‘Extensions Represent A Better Option’


There may be some of you reading this that cannot discern the difference between extensions and conservatories. Conservatories are typically an area that you can use to congregate, and is additional living space. On the other hand, an extension might just be used for storage. If you are dissatisfied with the size of your living room, and want to recline with the sun shining on you, opting for a conservatory will not disappoint you.


Who Are We?


When it comes to sourcing a company which can easily-and-efficiently supply you with a top-tier conservatory roof, the only name that you need to know is that of Nu Look. As you can see, our comprehensive understanding of this industry will be incredibly advantageous for you as a customer. We will be able to offer valid suggestions depending on your situation, something that few other firms can do.


How Can We Be Of Service?


Are you someone that is interested in using your disposable income to invest in home improvements, and think that a sensible option would be to enhance your existing conservatory? Would you like to replace your conservatory roof with materials that will easily be able to stand the test of time? If you spend large amounts of your free time reclining in this additional living space, you may find that Nu Look’s array of services are just what you have been looking for.

Whether you have been struggling to get planning permission from the relevant authorities, or simply wish to get a high-quality glass conservatory roof installed by a professional firm, we will have no issues in leaving you beaming from ear-to-ear. If you have not come across us in the past, you may be intrigued to learn more about our replacement roof designs. In circumstances such as these, we advocate that the best thing to do is follow the instructions provided on our website’s contact page