How A Solid Roof Can Help With The Most Common Winter Conservatory Problems

How A Solid Roof Can Help With The Most Common Winter Conservatory Problems

Many homeowners love spending the summer months in their conservatory and there is no denying that this space is perfect for this time of year. However, as the days start to get shorter and the air starts to get colder, it is fair to say that the vast majority don’t use their conservatory as much as they should. Unfortunately, this is often because lots of homeowners experience a number of different issues with their conservatory during the winter months.


More often than not, the problems that are commonly experienced are caused by the conservatory roof solution and if you currently have a glass or polycarbonate roof, then a simple roof replacement is likely to solve a number of the issues you’re facing. There are numerous benefits to having a solid roof installed and if you’re wondering how a replacement conservatory roof can help with the most common winter conservatory problems, keep reading today. 


Improved temperature control 


Many struggle with temperature control in their existing conservatory and this space is often unbearably cold during the winter months and impossible to get warm. Thankfully, a simple roof replacement will make such a huge difference in this regard. 


Once installed, a solid roof will have the same insulation value as any other room within your property and 6x more insulation than a glass roof. You can trust that your new roof will be both energy and thermally efficient and you will finally be able to maintain a cosy temperature.


No issues with conservatory condensation 


It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to experience lots of issues with condensation during winter too. Of course, some condensation in a conservatory is normal, but the increased amount during the colder months can go on to cause a multitude of problems. 


When you undertake a conservatory roof replacement, you will no longer need to worry about condensation and its consequences. There are a number of different ways that a solid roof will prevent this common issue and you can trust that it will be effective in doing so. 


Reduced glare from the winter sun 


The amount of natural light that floods into a conservatory is one of the things that people love most about this space. However, the glare of the winter sun can put people off sitting in their conservatory and make the room unusable at certain times of the day. 


Not only will a polycarbonate or glass roof replacement prevent many of the problems you experience with glare and allow you to use the space whenever you like, but they can also help to prevent the sun bleaching and fading of the furnishings in your conservatory too. 


No noise issues from extreme weather conditions


Attempting to relax or even hear people speaking when sitting in your conservatory as the rain pours down around you can be impossible. Unfortunately, poor weather conditions aren’t uncommon in the winter months and noise is likely to remain a big issue. 


When you opt for a solid roof solution, your conservatory will no longer be unpleasant to use and it will be a much quieter space. With the majority of the weather noise being eliminated, you can finally enjoy your conservatory no matter what you use it for. 


Undertaking a glass conservatory roof replacement 


All in all, it is clear to see why so many homeowners decide to undertake a glass conservatory roof replacement and there is no denying that during the winter months you will be very grateful that you have a new slate or tiled conservatory roof. It is highly likely that once you have undertaken the replacement, you will make use of this amazing space all year round no matter what the temperature or weather conditions may be outside. 


If you’d like to speak to an experienced company about polycarbonate or glass roof replacements in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions today. We are specialists in low cost, energy-efficient conservatory roof replacements and we will gladly provide you with any additional information that you may require in this regard. Of course, should you wish to go ahead with this home improvement, our team will be more than happy to help you transform your old conservatory too.