Is A Conservatory Slate Roof Suitable For You?


Whilst it is not necessarily common knowledge, the fact of the matter is that the basic roof that your conservatory installers provided you with may not be quite the best option for you. The likelihood is that they will have not offered you many colour options, now will they have allowed you to entertain the idea of sourcing an easy-to-install roof replacement alone. Thankfully, Nu Look Is here to be able to offer some much-needed advice. In particular, we are pleased to elaborate as to why it is that you should take a closer look at slate roofs.


Incredible Durability

As you would most likely expect from a material which is, in essence, natural rock, slate tiles are one of the most durable materials to be utilised within the construction industry. Studies have suggested that, in the right environment, they can last for more than one hundred years. This effectively means that, were you to get a slate-tiled conservatory roof, you would be investing in a solution that will stand the test of time, and will not have to be touched again during your lifetime.

Low Maintenance


Realistically, once you have replaced your conservatory roof with a new material, you will not want to find yourself in a situation a few months down the line where you are suffering from water damage and leaks. This is why you need to ensure that the materials that you use are proofed and treated in the correct manner, and have the properties necessary to combat the abundance of rain which we frequently get in the UK. Time-and-again, slate has proven itself to be up to the challenge, and will certainly not cause you any issues.

Creative License

If you have a neighbour, or someone residing on the same street as you, that currently owns a conservatory, you may not wish to mimic them and copy the exact same roofing design. Unfortunately, many materials that are used in this industry are rather archetypal; however, this cannot be said for slate tiles, which is relatively diverse and flexible. You can find numerous shades currently circulating on the market. Not only this, but you may want to try different thicknesses, and see how they will pay off.

Visual Improvement


Though there is a case to be made for the benefits of using a uPVC roof for your conservatory, most would agree that it is slightly bland. If you were to use slate, on the other hand, you would subsequently be able to appreciate first-class aesthetics when looking upon your investment. No matter how old your property this, this can inject some class and sophistication into your set-up.

Nu Look – Here For You


There may be some of you that, after taking a look at your existing conservatory’s roofing system, believe that the time has finally come to invest in an upgrade. Whilst there may not be anything inherently wrong with it, the chances are that it simply appears sub-par when compared to the options which are provided by specialist conservatory roofing firms. It is in scenarios such as these that Nu Look tends to flourish.

In the long run, we take great pride in helping to save you money. This can be done by improving the energy efficiency of your unit by fitting slate roof tiles; it might be that our glass conservatory roofs allow more natural light into your living spaces, which is something that you have desired for a long time. Whatever your motives may be, we will not let you down. If you wish to discuss the different solid roof conservatory solutions that we have to offer, feel free to submit your details to us using our website’s enquiry form – we will assist you in any way that we can.