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Specialists in conservatory roof replacements in the Hertfordshire area, at Nu-Look we pride ourselves on providing insulated, energy efficient, low cost conservatory roof replacements that will make you want to use your conservatory all year round. Nu-Look supply the highest quality solid conservatory roofs across the whole of Hertfordshire. Contact us today for an instant online quote.

Looking for a conservatory roof replacement in Hertfordshire? Choose from different slate and tile colour options, match your existing property roof or choose a contrasting colour and material. Add a feature light to your newly plastered internal ceiling to complete the transformation.

Insulation and energy efficiency levels are essential questions to ask about your conservatory roof solution throughout Hertfordshire area. After all, you want a conservatory refurbishment because the one you have is too hot in summer and expensive to heat in cold weather.

Like windows and doors have a thermal rating system, conservatory roofs have U‐Value to measure how useful the material is at insulation. Measuring thermal performance by levels of heat loss explains that lower U‐Value means less heat loss. At 0.16, the Nu-Look conservatory roof solution options Hertfordshire have excellent insulation to retain the heat in winter and stay cooler for longer in summer.

Turning your conservatory into a room to use all year round is what we do! We have transformed conservatories throughout Hertfordshire and elsewhere in the UK. There are now lots of property owners enjoying the extra room. Temperatures are more controllable, and the conservatory looks excellent too!

Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions
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5 Star Rating

All our installations come with a 10 year insurance guarantee.

As your new conservatory roof will no longer be at least 75% translucent it does fall under Building Regulations, so all conservatory roof conversions are issued with a Building Regs Certificate.

Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions

From your initial enquiry to the final installation, you can expect the utmost professionalism and courtesy from the Hertfordshire Nu-Look team. With the know-how and expertise to do the very best work, the finished job looks fantastic! Hertfordshire property owners know that when the UK weather gives us four weather seasons in one, a solid conservatory roof solution makes a difference to your comfort.

Freshen up your existing conservatory roof. Choose from many beautiful materials such as lightweight slate or colour coordinated tiling. Improve the look inside and out. Your new conservatory roof is designed to suit your property and built for you from scratch.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Hertfordshire

Want to turn your conservatory into a space to use all year round? Contact us for your no obligation appointment anywhere in the Hertfordshire areas. We cover the whole of the Hertfordshire area including:

When replacing your conservatory roof in the Hertfordshire area, we only use high-quality materials. Added insulation not only controls the heating but also reflects unwanted sound. Create a tranquil space to enjoy no matter the weather – rain or shine – perfect for a busy area. Talk to the team at Nu-Look to find out more.

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