Replacement Slate or Tiled Solid Conservatory Roof – Loughborough

Is you conservatory a waste of space in the winter because it’s too cold and in the summer because it’s too hot?
If the answer is yes, then contact us and we can replace your old conservatory roof with a lightweight slate or tile effect conservatory roof covering Loughborough, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

At Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions we specialise in replacing old polycarbonate roofs with new lightweight solid conservatory roofs.

Having a conservatory on your home can add valuable space for socialising, spending with your family or just enjoying your garden when the weather isn’t nice enough to spend time outside, but if you can’t use it most of the year it can just end up turning into a dumping ground, does that sound familiar?

We will replace your old conservatory roof with a new lightweight solid fully insulated conservatory roof so you can have your conservatory back. 

The replacement conservatory roofs that we install have three layers of insulation, allowing you to keep the heat in, in the winter and the heat out, in the summer.

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Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions
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5 Star Rating

All our installations come with a 10 year insurance guarantee.

As your new conservatory roof will no longer be at least 75% translucent it does fall under Building Regulations, so all conservatory roof conversions are issued with a Building Regs Certificate.

Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions

So how do we fit your new solid conservatory roof?

We build you a solid timber framed roof, we then install two layers of insulation, before fitting the lightweight effect slate or tiles, which are available in a range of colours to match your existing house roof.

The final layer of insulation is insulated plasterboard which is then skimmed to a high standard, like the rest of the installation, we will also fit spotlights for you in your new conservatory roof.

If your panels and doors have seen better days we can also replace these for you.

We also provide a Building Regs Certificate with all installations as by replacing the roof it will fall under Building Regulations as at least 75% of the roof is no longer of a transparent or translucent material.

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