Replacement Slate or Tiled Solid Conservatory Roof – Peterborough

Transform your conservatory with a solid slate or tiled conservatory roof by Nu-Look Solutions, serving Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

The Nu-Look tiled or slate solid conservatory roof is a unique option to transform your conservatory into the room you always wanted. Insulated conservatory roof replacement will keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Conservatory is transformed into a welcoming living space throughout the year.
  • Will be so much warmer in those cold winter months and significantly cooler when the sun comes out.
  • Reduces maintenance time and cost as traditional polycarbonate or glass roofs have a limited life expectancy.
  • Creates a room you can comfortably read, use a computer or watch TV in without the glare or brightness of a translucent roof.
  • The Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof will protect the contents of your room from direct sunlight which causes bleaching/fading to furnishings and flooring.
  • Option of lightweight slates or tiles in several colours to match your existing roof.
  • Will help reduce those costly energy bills as the Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof has an exceptional low u-value.
Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions
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5 Star Rating

All our installations come with a 10 year insurance guarantee.

As your new conservatory roof will no longer be at least 75% translucent it does fall under Building Regulations, so all conservatory roof conversions are issued with a Building Regs Certificate.

Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions
  • Choice of keeping your existing conservatory windows and doors or if you require we can arrange replacing them with high quality products ourselves as part of your installation.
  • Very little light loss compared to your present roof although you can have roof light windows fitted if you wish.
  • Beautiful Elegant finish with various different lighting options to compliment your conservatory.
  • Quick turnaround, we can complete the majority of installations within one week.
  • There will be the minimum of disruption during the installation, which is completed by our skilled & quality craftsmen.
  • The Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof will add value to your property unlike a traditional conservatory which you are unable to use all year round.
  • Comprehensive insurance backed 10 year guarantee on all Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof Installations.

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