Solid Conservatory Roof

Transform your conservatory with a solid conservatory roof by Nu-Look Solutions, serving Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Kettering & surrounding areas. The Nu-Look tiled or slate solid conservatory roof is a unique option to transform your conservatory into the room you always wanted.

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    Replacement Slate Conservatory Roof

    Reclaim your living space regardless of the weather with a Nu-Look slate conservatory roof, serving Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Kettering & surrounding areas. It is a known fact that standard conservatories no longer automatically add value to your home, mainly due to the fact that many become unusable at certain times of the year.

    Conservatory too Hot or too Cold?

    What was your ideal living space can become stifling and uncomfortable during warm summer months, and ridiculously expensive to heat during the colder winter months of the year.

    By replacing your existing polycarbonate roof with a slate conservatory roof, you will dramatically improve the heat retention and heat reflection properties of your conservatory, giving you back the perfect living space that you had in mind when the conservatory was first built, and adding some real value to your home.

    Slate Solid Conservatory Roof Replacements

    Not only will Nu-Look’s solid roof solutions save you money on your heating bills, they will improve your conservatory’s aesthetics both inside and out, and you will also be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment. As no two conservatories are the same, each Nu-Look slate conservatory roof is specifically designed with your home in mind and built from scratch. This allows us to fit your new slate roof perfectly, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship warmth and beauty.

    Internally, your conservatory ceiling will be of the highest quality. We use 27mm insulated plasterboard and can finish with a smooth plaster skim or dry line to create a light and spacious vaulted ceiling. Nu-Look also offer tiled conservatory roof replacements and glass conservatory roof replacements. If you are unsure as to which solid roof solution you should choose, please contact our team on 01604 532700 and we will be able to advise you. All our work is carried out using the highest quality craftsmanship, with minimal disruption to your home and a full 10 year insurance-backed guarantee.

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    How it works?

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    Slate… but not as you know it!

    Ideal for New Build, Self-build, Modular Buildings, Renovation, Extensions, Conservatories, and Garden Rooms

    Tapco Chestnut Brown Slate
    Tapco Chestnut Brown Slate
    Tapco Brick Red Slate
    Tapco Brick Red Slate
    Tapco Plum Slate
    Tapco Plum Slate
    Tapco Red Rock Slate
    Tapco Red Rock Slate
    Tapco Pewter Grey Slate
    Tapco Pewter Grey Slate
    Tapco Stone Black Slate
    Tapco Stone Black Slate


    Whether you have a conservatory, modern house or a listed building, TapcoSlate Classic adds splendour, elegance and tradition to your home. It is authentically shaped with textured surfaces and riven edges moulded from authentic slates that make TapcoSlate Classic almost indistinguishable from natural slate – yet it has an even more refined appearance. TapcoSlate Classic will not crack, break or delaminate, and its product formulation and manufacturing processes provide durability, performance, and longevity for many years to come. By providing a lightweight and easily-installed product, installation costs are lower, with less waste!

    • Lightweight – as low as 12kg per square metre.
    • Easy to install with pre-marked nailing and exposure guides and spacers.
    • Easily cut with a fine-toothed saw or sharp utility blade.
    • Built-in camber for tighter fit when fixed in situ.
    • No sorting, clipping, or drilling prior to roof loading. Packaged in bundles of 25 for easy handling.
    • Fittings (ridges and hips) are mechanically fixed.
    • Choice of colours (6 standard colours stocked for immediate availability).
    • 40-year warranty.
    • Local Authority Building Control (LABC) & Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) Registered Details product.
    • Fully tested to BBA, ETA and CE standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow & rain, and water absorption.
    • BRE testing for wind-driven rain found TapoSlate Classic to perform much stronger than all equivalent materials tested and at a lower pitch.
    • TapcoSlate Classic is not made from recycled plastics but is manufactured from recyclable virgin limestone and polypropylene.

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