Solid Conservatory Roof Benefits

Transform your conservatory with a solid conservatory roof by Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions, serving Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Kettering & surrounding areas. The Nu-Look tiled or slate solid conservatory roof is a unique option to transform your conservatory into the room you always wanted.

  • Conservatory is transformed into a welcoming living space throughout the year.
  • Will be so much warmer in those cold winter months and significantly cooler when the sun comes out.
  • Reduces maintenance time and cost as traditional polycarbonate or glass roofs have a limited life expectancy.
  • Creates a room you can comfortably read, use a computer or watch TV in without the glare or brightness of a translucent roof.
  • The Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof will protect the contents of your room from direct sunlight which causes bleaching/fading to furnishings and flooring.
  • Option of lightweight slates or tiles in several colours to match your existing roof.
  • Will help reduce those costly energy bills as the Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof has an exceptional low u-value.
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  • Choice of keeping your existing conservatory windows and doors or if you require we can arrange replacing them with high quality products ourselves as part of your installation.
  • Very little light loss compared to your present roof although you can have roof light windows fitted if you wish.
  • Beautiful Elegant finish with various different lighting options to compliment your conservatory.
  • Quick turnaround, we can complete the majority of installations within one week.
  • There will be the minimum of disruption during the installation, which is completed by our skilled & quality craftsmen.
  • The Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof will add value to your property unlike a traditional conservatory which you are unable to use all year round.
  • Comprehensive insurance backed 10 year guarantee on all Nu-Look Solid Conservatory Roof Installations.
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Product information

Centre-pivot roof window GGL

velux ggl

Product description

  • High quality natural pinewood coated with impregnation and layers of water-based acrylic white paint or clear lacquer
  • Top control bar for easy operation even with furniture under the window
  • Ventilation flap and integrated dust and insect filter
  • Maintenance-free exterior covers

Roof pitch

  • Can be installed in roof pitches between 15° and 90° Materials
  • Laminated pinewood
  • Glass
  • Lacquered aluminium, copper or zinc
  • VELUX ThermoTechnology™ insulation Downloads


  • Laminated pinewood
  • Glass
  • Lacquered aluminium, copper or zinc
  • VELUX ThermoTechnology™ insulation Downloads

Available sizes and daylight area

 472 mm550 mm660 mm780 mm942 mm1140 mm1340 mm
778mmGGL CK02 (0.22)
978mmGGL BK04 (0.23)GGL CK04 (0.29)GGL FK04 (0.38)GGL MK04 (0.47)GGL PK04 (0.60)GGL UK04 (0.91)
1178mmGGL CK06 (0.37)GGL FK06 (0.47)GGL MK06 (0.59)GGL PK06 (0.75)GGL SK06 (0.95)
1398mmGGL FK08 (0.58)GGL MK08 (0.72)GGL PK08 (0.92)GGL SK08 (1.16)GGL UK08 (1.40)
1600mmGGL MK10 (0.85)GGL PK10 (1.07)GGL SK10 (1.35)GGL UK10 (1.63)

() = Effective daylight area, m2

Lining Measurements

SizeWidth (mm)
SizeHeight (mm)

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