Technical Information – Benefits Of Alumaflex Multifoil Insulation

At Nu-Look Conservatory roof solutions we have been replacing polycarbonate and glass conservatory roofs with light weight solid insulated roofs for over 5 years, so how do we do it?

Firstly, we completely remove your old conservatory roof and build you a bespoke braced timber roof, this is built on site to ensure that the measurements are exact, as no two conservatories are the same, We install 3 layers of insulation, Alumaflex multifoil insulation is installed between the membrane and the timber rafters, we then fit 40mm insulation boards between the rafters, this is then covered with 27mm insulated plasterboard, which is then skimmed to provide a smooth perfect finish, giving a uValue of 0.16.

Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions
Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions

As replacing your conservatory roof with a solid insulated roof falls under Building Regulations, please click here for more details, we provide a Building Regs Certificate with all installations and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Below, you can see exactly how the insulated solid conservatory roof is constructed.

  1. Tapco Light Weight Effect Slate
  2. Fixing
  3. Waterproof Breathable Membrane
  4. Wooden Batton
  5. Alumaflex Insulation
  1. 100mm Timber Joist
  2. 60mm Gap for Air Flow
  3. 40mm Insulation Board
  4. 27mm Insulated Plasterboard
  5. Two 100mm x 50mm Timbers


Benefits of Alumaflex Insulation

  • The only UK BBA Approved Fourteen Layer Multifoil Insulation
  • Thin and highly efficient
  • Ideal for roofs with timber frame construction
  • Effective in both Summer and Winter
  • Alumaflex Insulation retains heat during winter and reflects heat in summer preventing over-heating warm spaces

Insulation Boards

The insulation boards are 40mm thick comprising of a polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation core with a thermal conductivity of 0.023 W/mK with low emissivity aluminium foil facings on both sides.

  • The insulation boards are CFC/HCFC free
  • Zero ODP and low GWP
  • Manufactured to EN ISO 13165 under Quality Systems approved to EN ISO 9001 quality management, EN ISO 14001 environmental management.
  • Achieves an ‘A+’ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide
  • Is suitable for a range of applications including pitched roofs, walls and floors

TAPCO Lightweight Effect Slate

Tapco Slate Logo
40-year warranty
BBA Approved Inspection Testing Certification

The TapcoSlate highlights the handsome character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design, the slates are created with mould cases from real slate to capture genuine peaks, plateau and curves. The colour through design and UV stabilisation ensures “stay-true” richness of colour. Our most popular colours are Chestnut Brown, Brick Red, Stone Black, Plum, Red Rock and Pewter Grey, but alternative slate colours are available.

  • Lightweight – as low as 12kg per sq metre.
  • Authentic slate appearance – combines the beauty of slate with modern technology.
  • Random edges and patterns with constant colour throughout.
  • BBA approved on roof pitches of 14.5° and upwards on both felt & batten and fully boarded applications.
  • Fully tested to BBA Standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow & rain and water absorption.
  • 40-year warranty
Tapco Stone Black Slate
Tapco Stone Black Slate
Tapco Pewter Grey Slate
Tapco Pewter Grey Slate
Tapco Red Rock Slate
Tapco Red Rock Slate
Tapco Plum Slate
Tapco Plum Slate
Tapco Brick Red Slate
Tapco Brick Red Slate
Tapco Chestnut Brown Slate
Tapco Chestnut Brown Slate

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