What are the Benefits of Investing in a New Conservatory Roof?

What are the Benefits of Investing in a New Conservatory Roof?


Here at Nu look, we have been responsible for installing countless replacement conservatory roofs since we first opened our doors. You may be questioning why it is that you should spend money on replacing the roof, particularly if you have not had it for long – this is something that we are pleased to be able to shed some light on. If you continue your reading below, you can familiarise yourself with the most prominent benefits associated with a replacement.


Reinvent Your Style


First-and-foremost, it is important to consider, for a moment, that the conservatory roof that you currently have in place is not quite fit for purpose. When you look at the exterior of your extension, you not only want it to be a way to increase your living space – it needs to be first-class from an aesthetic point of view. Unfortunately, polycarbonate roofs have never been regarded as particularly appealing. As such, a change of design might be the solution that you have been looking for.


Decrease Energy Bills


Although it may not have occurred to you, switching your synthetic conservatory roof with a solid replacement made out of glass could be advantageous from a financial standpoint. During the colder months of the year, you may have found that your heating bills increase significantly, and this is down to a poor thermal insulating score. This is not a problem that is exhibited by newer models. The technology that we not have access to means that, for example, replacement glass units are excellent at retaining heat for extended periods.


Fix Existing Damage


The chances are that at some point or another, your conservatory roof will incur damage of some kind. It could be that the harsh climate experienced in Britain has dislodged some tiles; perhaps some wildlife has made its home in your roof, meaning that the structural integrity has been compromised. 


Whatever the circumstances may be, rather than paying for a short-term repair, your best course of action could be to invest in a total renovation. Provided that they adhere to the current building regulations, the replacement could be a long-lasting option that, until now, had escaped your notice.


Breaking Down the Best Options


If you come to the conclusion that your existing roof does not quite do your property justice, there are countless options available to you. Some people enjoy the amount of natural light that comes with a glass roof, and therefore opt to invest in a wealth of double-glazing. Others prefer the rustic aesthetic that is associated with slate tiled roofs. One thing is for certain – when you come to Nu Look, it does not matter which design you choose. The outcome will be one that leaves you completely satisfied.


How Can We Help You?


Should you be someone that prides themselves on their current home improvements, but believe that there is something to be done about their existing conservatory roof, it could be worthwhile investing in the services of Nu Look. Over the years, we have become synonymous with executing conservatory roof conversions that are nothing short of exceptional quality-wise. 


If you want a glass conservatory roof, our double-glazed panes will leave you basking in the sunshine all year round. Alternatively, our tiled conservatory roofs have been praised for the way that they transform a property’s exterior. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions regarding planning permission or prices. Why not ring us on 01604 532700, or write to us via the form on our website’s contact page, and see how we can be of assistance?