Why Have Slate Roof Conservatories Seen Their Popularity Soar?

Why Have Slate Roof Conservatories Seen Their Popularity Soar?


In the twenty-first century, it has become increasingly frequent for domestic properties to have conservatories attached to them. Whilst these can certainly be excellent for improving their value on the market, the traditional roofs that they are equipped with are not always to people’s liking. The solution to this is relatively simple – invest in a slate roof. Their popularity has certainly spiked in recent years, and it is not hard to see why; here to tell you a little more about why this could be the perfect solution for you is the Nu Look experts.


Improves Fire Protection


One of the main things which you need to keep in mind when considering what type of roofing system want your conservatory to have, is the manner in which it promotes safety. Although you may not realise it, slate is fire-resistant, meaning that if you were to fall victim to a blaze, it will not easily spread across your conservatory. Not only is this important for safeguarding your property’s inhabitants, but it also means that the structural integrity of your unit will not be overly damaged.


Long-Lasting Option


As you may have already deduced, slate is an incredibly durable material – its natural properties are extremely tough, hence why their lifespan is longer than the majority of alternatives available on the market. You need only take a quick look at the classic slate roofs that were installed in the middle of the twentieth century to come to the realisation that this is a long-lasting option. You will not be forced to find a replacement any time in the near future, and this could prove to be a deciding factor in the decision-making process.


Stylist Investment


Whilst there is much to be said for the functionality that solid conservatory roofs made out of slate exhibit, it would be impossible to create a list outlining the benefits without mentioning their aesthetically-pleasing visuals. Regardless of whether you live in a period property or a new-build, this is a style which will leave all of your neighbours envious. It is true that you may not have the abundance of natural light that comes with a glass roof, this will certainly transform your conservatory’s exterior in a manner that will leave you completely satisfied.


Easily Maintained


You will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that once your slate roof tiles are installed, there is very little that you have to do in the way of maintenance. The rain will act as a natural cleaner, meaning you are not forced to conduct a manual cleanse on a regular basis. It is also worth speaking about the way in which solid tiled roofs repel the British climate efficiently-and-effectively, ensuing that repair jobs will be few-and-far between.


Nu Look – Who Are We?


Are you someone that is slightly disillusioned with the state of their existing conservatory roof, and wants to improve the energy efficiency that it provides? Have you been debating about whether a glass or polycarbonate roof is the best route forward, and need some expert advice to make a decision? To those of you that fall into either of these categories, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Nu Look


Having been operating in this industry for a prolonged period, we can assure you that whether you use our services to install a new glass conservatory roof, or believe that a slate-tiled conservatory roof is the the ideal option, all the relevant building regulations will be adhered to. Should you wish to get in touch and discuss your requirements further, we would like to direct your attention to the contact page on our website.