Why Solid Conservatory Roofing Options Are Better Than An Extension

Why Solid Conservatory Roofing Options Are Better Than An Extension

When purchasing a new house, many homeowners nowadays will take into consideration whether there is enough space for them to extend the property in the future if they’d like to. Whether this is installing a conservatory or an extension, being able to add another room to your home can be undeniably beneficial, so it is no surprise that many bear this in mind when investing in a new property. 


If you have purchased a home that has plenty of room to extend, you may be wondering whether you should install a conservatory or a single-storey extension. Whilst these two options are both incredibly popular amongst homeowners, it is likely that no matter what you have in mind, a solid roof conservatory will be able to meet your needs. To help any homeowners choosing between the two, below are a list of reasons why solid conservatory roofing options are better than an extension. 


A vast range of conservatory roofing options available


When the majority of people think of a conservatory, they will think of a glass roof. However, these days, you have many different conservatory roofing options available to choose from and it is easy to have a solid room conservatory installed. 


The fact that you can have a solid roof system will take away any concerns that you may have in relation to being able to use a conservatory all year round and it will make it much more thermally efficient. Of course, you still have all of the benefits of a conservatory too, such as plenty of natural light, so it really is the best of both worlds. 


Much cheaper option in general 


Many who are extending with a specific budget in mind will find that a conservatory is a much more affordable way to get the extra space that they require. Even single-storey extensions can be incredibly expensive and this is the one thing that tends to put people off.  


Whilst the cost of conservatory will differ depending on numerous factors, including which conservatory roofing option you choose, you will find that in general, it will be cheaper to build. The money that you save may enable you to get a bigger conservatory or you can use this for other home improvements instead. There are likely to be finance options available as well. 


Less disruption when installing 


Home extensions are also known for being quite disruptive when installed and this disruption can last for months, usually four to five for a single-storey extension, if not more. Depending on where the extension is being installed, this can greatly impact your day-to-day life. 


Thankfully, not only will the installation of a conservatory be quicker, but it will also be less disruptive too. From the design stages and the parts being manufactured through to the foundations being laid and the work being completed, you can expect it to take three months on average. Of course, this time can differ, but it will always be much less disruptive. 


Likely to not require planning permission 


As you may be aware, the vast majority of extensions will require planning permission and applying for this can be quite complex. This single thing alone can make the process of adding a new space to your home so much more hassle. 


More often than not, conservatories tend to fall under something called ‘permitted development’ and this means you won’t need to get planning permission. If this is ever not the case, the people designing your conservatory will be able to advise you further. Whilst you need to adhere to building regulations for a solid roof, when working with a specialist this won’t be a problem. 


Opting for conservatory roofing options 


All in all, these days, there is no denying that a conservatory really is able to meet the needs of any homeowners and often, it is a much better option than a single-storey extension. When deciding between the two, it is well worth taking into consideration everything mentioned above and if you’d like to speak to a specialist about solid roof conservatory options, our team here at Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions will happily discuss things with you further. 


It is worthwhile noting that if the property you purchase already has a glass conservatory and you’re interested in creating more of an all-year-round living space, you don’t need to knock this down to build an extension instead. You can simply replace the conservatory roof and instantly have the versatile room you’re looking for. This is what we specialise in here at Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions, so we will gladly answer any questions that you may have in this regard too.