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For your convenience we’ve prepared a number of questions and answers for the most frequently asked questions about replacement conservatory roofs and our services. They have also been categorised using the links below. We hope you find them helpful, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01604 532700

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Do I Lose Much Light?

No, the installation of the system on average results in only minimal loss of light (around 5% for polycarbonate roofs and around 11% for glass). With the majority of ambient light delivered into the conservatory through the window and doors, it is considered that the installation of this system on average only results in a modest light loss of about 5%. For all the benefits gained from the insulated roof system this would appear to be an acceptable trade off.

Friend Has Bought Roof Blinds. Is This System Better Than That?

Roof blinds only provide shade, NOT insulation, so our system vastly out performs them in keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our system is a market leader and outperforms any product available. Here are some figures: a typical untreated conservatory roof (polycarbonate) has a U-value of 1.62W/m2K. Fitting roof blinds will reduce this on average to around 1.43W/m2K. Our system reduces this figure to around 0.29W/m2K. We think these figures speak for themselves and will truly turn your conservatory into an extra living space and not just an add on to your house. Roof blinds are also usually far more expensive, less hygienic (attracting dust, insects etc) and very difficult to clean.

Does It Damage My Conservatory Roof?

No. If the system were ever to be removed, it would mean that the only elements which would need replacing are the cover moldings to the underside of the existing structural roof space. The roof panels, either polycarbonate or glass can all be removed individually without disturbing the work carried out by Nu-Look.

Does The New System Require Building Regulation Approval?

Yes it does, please click here to see the explanation as to why

I Don’t Like The Light & Fan I Currently Have In The Conservatory Ceiling. Can This Be Changed?

Because we are completely replacing your roof we can offer a number of options as far as lighting is concerned. You may wish to have spot lights installed in the new ceiling of your conservatory or maybe even have lighting fitted within a pelmet, any of these options are available as our fitters are qualified to carry out this work.

I Have A Light In The Conservatory Ceiling. Will This Be Removed?

No, we will install the new ceiling around any fixtures. There will be no damage to your conservatory roof. You can even remove the system in the future if you so choose. All you would need to do is replace the moldings on the roof spars which is a very simple job.

What Kind Of Guarantee Will I Get?

The overall guarantee you will get on a Nu-Look solid roof is a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. However the Tapco Slates we use carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty and the Tiles we use offer a 40 year guarantee.

Does The New System Require Planning Permission?

The conservatory will only require planning permission if it is above 30 square meters, if you have already received planning permission for your conservatory when it was built then you are likely to be covered, although if your property is within a conservation area whether you have already received planning permission or not, planning permission may be needed.

How Different Will It Really Be In Terms Of Insulation And Will We Notice A Difference In Our Energy Costs?

Once your Nu-Look solid roof has been installed it will have the same insulation value as any other room within your property as we are installing a warm roof that will bring the u-value down to 0.18w/m2k (building regulations require a new traditional roof to reach 0.20/m2k) which is huge transformation compared to it’s previous u-value which would probably have been around 1.6w/m2k. The low u-value of a Nu-Look solid roof speaks for itself as far as energy saving by insulation (from cold and heat) is concerned, with a typical polycarbonate roof providing 8x less insulation and a glass roof 6x less insulation.

How Does It Compare To Roof Blinds?

Blinds are fitted on to the interior of the conservatory roof and are designed to reduce brightness of the solar glare rather than act as an insulating material. Therefore they let solar heat straight in and do not really reduce heat loss from inside the conservatory. Our system quite simply dramatically out performs ANY conservatory roof product on the market today and therefore turns your conservatory into a very desirable additional room. It is this superior performance that prevents the heat build up in summer and the extreme cold temperatures in winter.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The initial build will usually take between 3 and 5 days, obviously depending on how big your conservatory is and the amount of work you require Nu-Look to carry out. In the vast majority of instances the installation will be fully complete inside of 2 weeks

I'm Worried About The Conservatory Being Darker. Is This An Issue?

No, the installation of the system on average results in only minimal loss of light (around 5% for polycarbonate roofs and around 11% for glass). But because of the large extent of glazing that remains, this is barely noticeable. Much of the light that enters a conservatory enters through the door and windows and our customers find this light is reflected off the new conservatory ceiling surface and creates less glare light.

Will It Improve My Condensation Problems?

We ensure there will be no condensation in several ways: retaining a gap above the conservatory insulation, installing hidden vents, thus ensuring cross ventilation and by fitting the multi-board so you don’t need to worry about any condensation in your conservatory.

Will It Really Be Warmer In The Winter And Cooler In The Summer?

Absolutely, yes. For example, your insulation values (heat conductance U-values) will drop from around 2.50W/m2K down to around the Nu-Look Insulation reading of 0.16W/m2K. What does this mean? Well, building regulations require a new traditional roof to reach a maximum of 0.18W/m2K.

What About The Extra Weight On The Roof Structure?

All roofs are manufactured to the highest standards and tested to a very high level. They have huge weight tolerances and are exhaustively tested for wind, snow and human weight load.

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