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How to Choose an Installer to Replace your Conservatory Roof

Researching a company is always beneficial to you, you get to find out how they work, where they work and what people think of their work. You would probably want to know how long they have been active for, so you know if they are trustworthy. The longer the company has been around the more encouraging it is to use that company. Looking at reviews can help you identify the best company to use but experiencing the product yourself is always the best option.

Conservatory Roof Reviews

As mentioned, reviews are a reliable source of what to expect from a product and well worth looking at for a conservatory roof. Beware! Reviews on a company’s website are not always authentic so it is best to stick with review websites like Which, Checkatrade etc. The best place to look for a review on a company is to look at their Social Media platforms and their Google Business listing, the reviews you will find there are genuine customer reviews, it’s always good to do this before deciding on which company to use.

Conservatory Roof Showroom

Why blindly get a conservatory with no clue on what it is going to look like? Visit a showroom and get the full-fledged view of a conservatory with all its ins-and-outs. Learn the building process and all the knowledge of insulation plus you can view all the options to style your roof. If they do not have a showroom or it is too far away, ask to view previous installs, as a reputable company will be happy to arrange this for you.


Guarantees are good. Guarantees are music to your ears when purchasing something like a replacement conservatory roof because of the scale of the project. A 10-year insurance backed guarantee is what you can get and should look for with a solid conservatory roof. This guarantee means that if the company goes out of business you can safely get your money back on your deposit, if the works haven’t commenced yet or if you experience issues with your conversion it will allow you to employ another company to resolve the issue, or complete the installation, if the company go out of business part way through.

Getting Building Regulations and Planning Permission

Building Regulations and Planning Permission are big words you will have to use when looking for a solid conservatory roof. You will need a Building Regulations Certificate if you want to change your roof because your roof would no longer be 75% translucent. Check out our blog for further detail.

When getting an extension, you may need Planning Permission. So, before you look forward to your new granite topped kitchen in your extra space, check whether you need Planning Permission to get your new extension or a new conservatory and if so approved, so you can use your newfound space. However, if you are converting your conservatory, you do not require Planning Permission.

Solid conservatory roofs

There are a number of different systems available to replace your conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof and each type, but the main benefit of having a replacement conservatory roof is that, the company will remove your existing conservatory roof completely and build you a new conservatory roof with 2 or 3 layers of insulation depending on the construction method. At the end of the day the more insulation the better as that means that your conservatory will be more energy efficient, helping to keep it cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter and reduce your energy bills.

Some companies can also replace your existing conservatory panels and doors, if your existing ones have seen better days or are not as energy efficient due to the age.

Clad Over Conservatory Roofs

Clad Over Roofs are a nice idea, they are cheaper, quick to install, does the job to an extent but there is some information that you should be aware of before getting your conservatory roof cladded.

They are installed on your existing conservatory roof structure and that can take a turn for the worse, if the structure cannot take the weight and, worst case scenario they can collapse which is a serious risk to take, as it is not just the additional weight of the cladding that is added to your conservatory roof, but snow load can also be an issue.

Internally Clad Conservatory Roofs

This is another option that is cheaper and there are usually two types of internal cladding, uPVC cladding either strips or sheets, that are fixed onto to the existing conservatory rafters, or plasterboard that is then skimmed and in some instances further insulation is fitted between the original conservatory roof and the internal cladding.

Disadvantages to internal cladding is that if your conservatory roof springs a leak, especially with the plasterboard internal cladding then this is all likely to need removing in order to find the leak and then get it repaired. Also the issue of the noise from rain on your conservatory roof will not go away, as you still have the same roof, although it may be slightly muffled and although it will help to keep the warm in during the cold winter months, it will only reduce a certain amount of the heat in the summer.

What you need to know about U-Value

uValue is a term of measurement for how insulated a material is. The number you would be looking for, for the best insulation is as low as possible; a new solid conservatory roof can have uValue of 0.16 whereas Cladded roofs, internal or external have a higher uValue. Looking for a good uValue can be very beneficial to you as that can potentially save you money on your energy bills!

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Benefits of a Tiled

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Characterised by clean lines, full square corners and a pitched roof with a central ridge, Edwardian conservatory roofs are a popular choice for those seeking a classic and elegant conservatory.

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